If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Expectations of reasonably priced travel throughout Zambia (example: hotel in Munich, Germany for 4 is cheaper than lodge room for one along the Zambezi). Expect to pay $150+/per person per night at almost any place. And make sure you have some hobbies you can do at home--without mine, I would go crazy here. - Nov 2017

Rigidity with time. Just be a bit flexible and kind to people and you'll have a great time. Zambians will feel disrespected if you're too demanding, though they likely won't tell you that. - Jan 2017

Expectations of exceptional customer service or efficiency. Also, your need to hurry. It will just frustrate you. - Jun 2016

Expectations of traffic laws: two people in a row will always go at the stop sign and after 6 PM a sizable number of drivers will be intoxicated. - May 2016

Hopes for a big city nightlife or intensely exotic cultural expereince. - Mar 2015

Preconceived notion that you will be living in a culturally rich African country. - Aug 2014

Winter clothes and any winter sports items. - Jan 2014

heavy winter clothes. - Apr 2013

heavy winter coat. - Jul 2010

Expectations, or lower them. This is Africa lite, the expensive version. - Mar 2009

Expectations for school. - Mar 2009

Skis. - Oct 2008

Surfboard, scuba gear, and winter coat. - Aug 2008

Belief that life in Africa is inexpensive. - May 2008

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