What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

"Braiis" (barbecues), outdoor get-togethers. - Nov 2017

There are a few expat groups (Expat Zambia among them) that plan and coordinate events on Facebook. Waterfalls holds night markets from time to time, as does Sugarbush Restaurant. It's best to combine these with your own social interactions, though, as they're not super common. A market at the Dutch Reformed Church in Kabulonga attracts lots of expats, but it's dwindled in popularity since our arrival in 2013 (when it was kind of the only game in town). - Jan 2017

There are lots of running clubs and quiz nights. Get to know the local staff. They will take you to kitchen parties, Zambian weddings, Chizelas (be prepared for that one), etc. - Jun 2016

Going out to dinner, "night markets" with local food vendors, cook-outs, travel. - May 2016

Having people over or going to friends' houses for a braii (outdoor grilling), movies, school oriented events. Some families/friends travel together. There is the Hash House Harriers club, a group that bicycles, a walking club, dog-training club, polocrosse and riding, etc. etc. Lots of clubs for lots of interests. - Mar 2015

BBQs and getting together with friends. - Aug 2014

Restaurants, bars, movie theaters, entertaining at home. - Jan 2014

In the home, at restaurants, parties, hotels and clubs---there always seems to be something going on within the next week or two. Entertaining runs towards the casual and laid-back and often includes the whole family. - Apr 2013

Lots! - Jul 2010

Mostly revolves around kids and home. - Mar 2009

Homes, bars, movies... - Oct 2008

There are several good evening spots for dancing, there's a bowling alley and several places to play billards. lots of clubs, and there's a fun quiz night. Someone would be welcome to revive the X-mas Panto! - Aug 2008

With the pleasant climate, there are lots of outdoor receptions, barbeques, etc. - May 2008

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