What types of jobs do most expatriate spouses/partners have? Locally based or telecommuting? Full-time or part-time? Can you comment on local salary scales?

Many work in the school or in the embassy or have their own home businesses. - Nov 2017

The Embassy has quite a few jobs for EFMs, including several in USAID, PEPFAR, P/E, PAS, Consular, MGMT, and elsewhere. Local employment can be spotty, with most spouses working for international schools or NGOs. My spouse worked full-time at an international school (not AISL). Pay wasn't great, but the experience was good. - Jan 2017

Most Embassy spouses are able to get work at the Embassy or at the international schools. I have no knowledge of the local salary scale. - Jun 2016

There are good opportunities in public health, NGOs, and education. Other than that, many people telecommute. - May 2016

Work permits are necessary and obtainable. Pay is not commesurate with pay in the US. I know of expats locally hired with NGOs and schools, but not in local businesses. - Mar 2015

No. - Aug 2014

Many in the Embassy. Unknown out in town. - Jan 2014

I'd say yes - some. Particularly in development. - Jul 2010

VERY difficult to get work permit. - Mar 2009

No, absolutely not. Work permits are a nightmare as well. - Mar 2009

There are, but the Zambians are ridiculous on work permits. You never know if or when one will be issued. You need a work permit to volunteer. - Oct 2008

Yep, if you're flexible, good at networking and IF you can get a work permit. they are pretty tough about those, and I know several people who have been turned down for permits despite desperately needs skills (such as nursing). I'm working on the local economy as a vet without problem. - Aug 2008

Government of Zambia appears to be increasingly concerned about the number of expats holding NGO jobs. As a result, the work permit process can be a major hassle. - May 2008

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