Morale among expats:

I would say very high. Most people seem to love it, and those that don't are happy enough to be here and then move on when they can. I haven't talked to anyone who hates the place. - Apr 2013

Good. - Jul 2010

Low--can't get over how many are anxious to get out!expensive living, poor schools, lack of options... - Mar 2009

Morale is low, especially now since the copper prices have fallen. This has not been the happiest of places, and most people seem very ready, even anxious, to leave. - Mar 2009

Okay, but many are unhappy about the crazy prices on things. - Oct 2008

Seems pretty good. - Aug 2008

I think most people are happy with the pace of life and climate. The lack of dining options and the high prices are a bit of a downer at times, but most people find ways to deal with those complaints. - May 2008

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