What English-language religious services are available locally?

Tons. Anything you could want really. - Feb 2018

Zambia is predominately Christian, so there are innumerable churches around town. Some Americans frequent South City Church in Roma (nondemoninational protestant), Abundant Life Church in Kabulonga (same), St. Columba's in Long Acres (UCZ, similar to PCA), St. Ignatius (Catholic), or the Cathedral of the Holy Cross (Anglican). Zambian churches tend to hold very long services, but some Americans - including missionaries - attend these, as well. There are very small Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, and other denominations, but I'm not aware of Mission folks attending them.

There are a handful of Hindu temples and an increasing number of mosques around town, as well. The Baha'i community is rather large. There is an LDS community here, but no temple. The local Jewish community is miniscule; a rabbi travels up from SA for high holy days. - Jan 2017

Zambia is English-speaking, so there are plenty of religious services and churches around. It is heavily Roman Catholic, but I've also seen Apostolic, Jehovah's Witness, and Muslim places to worship. - Jun 2016

Several Christian denominations and community churches, but there are not many options for more progressive Christians. - May 2016

Tons - Pentecostal, Baptist, Catholic, Ba'hai(sp?), even Buddhist. - Aug 2014

Christian, Catholic. - Jan 2014

Yes, available and seemingly of every denomination - Apr 2013

Yes - all. - Jul 2010

Yes. - Mar 2009

Yes, there are a number of churches. - Mar 2009

All available - Oct 2008

Yep. - Aug 2008

Yes. - May 2008

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