Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes. - Feb 2018

Absolutely, my husband bikes to work sometimes and it is just miserable. No sidewalks, potholes in the street, etc. - Nov 2017

In many ways, yes. There are precious few sidewalks and drivers have very little regard for people with disabilities in parking lots or on the road. Some buildings are constructing ramps and an increasing number of companies (like Pick n Pay) go out of their way to employee deaf, mute, or learning disabled persons. - Jan 2017

Definitely. There are few sidewalks and even fewer ramps in the city. - May 2016

Yes. No sidewalks, few handicapped parking spaces, many steps and few ramps. Difficult or impossible access to many buildings and businesses for those who are physically challenged. - Mar 2015

Um yes - there are no sidewalks. - Aug 2014

Yes, would be very difficult. No real sidewalks, etc... - Jan 2014

There are few accomodations for physical disablities other than the occasional reserved parking slot. Public buildings don't have ramps. Sidewalks, when they exist, are rough and broken. Lusaka would be difficult for people with disablities. - Apr 2013

It's a difficult city to get around in for people with disabilities. Buses are not enabled, there are few sidewalks. - Jul 2010

Even the American School (AIS) isn't accessible!nothing is accessible. - Mar 2009

There are few sidewalks, no ramps, and I imagine it would be very difficult for someone with physical disabilities to get around. - Mar 2009

No accommodation for disabilities. - Oct 2008

Probably - no sidewalks and all the damn doors open inward. - Aug 2008

It would not be easy to get around. - May 2008

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