Jakarta - Post Report Question and Answers

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Jakarta is a polarizing place. It has some great positives and some big negatives. Make sure you have a good understanding of what conditions are like to best set expectations. Your choice in where to live and go to school will really determine your happiness to a great extent. Make sure to travel outside town every 6-8 weeks to stay recharged. - Feb 2018

Jakarta can be tough, but Indonesia is a beautiful country with wonderful people. It can be frustrating at times to live here, but I have grown to care about the country and hope that it continues to develop. Indonesians are non-confrontational and tend to avoid conflict/making tough decisions, or will tell you what they think you want to hear. Make sure to take the extra moment to travel to the less-visited city, as the off-the-beaten path experiences are the ones which have made me appreciate this country the most. - Jun 2012

A bigger and more imminent threat than terrorism is the almost total lack of decent public services and functioning social safety net. God forbid you get caught in shopping center or high rise fire, or have a heart attack. Road traffic is horribly congested. - Jan 2012

Single and unaccompanied men LOVE Jakarta! - Nov 2010

Jakarta is an underrated place. It has its many charms. Those willing to endure its urban issues will be rewarded! - Jul 2010

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