Jakarta - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

Most go to JIS K-12. Many good preschools available. British and Australian schools are good, too. JIS is still online and this has been very difficult for parents. Many have curtailed or have chosen to have children and spouses remain in the U.S. - Oct 2021

Fantastic schools. Many people stay (or come back) just for these schools. - Sep 2020

Our kids attend JIS-PIE, which is amazing, JIS-PEL (an elementary school) has a good reputation. The Australian, British, Netherlands, New Zealand schools have good reputations too. There are other options like ACG and Ghandi. Our youngest went to a local preschool, Bambino, which was amazing. Lots of great options. The excellent local schools has probably been our favorite thing of living in Jakarta. Students come from every corner of the globe - it's the most diverse of anywhere we have ever lived. - Feb 2018

JIS is an exceptionally good school. Kids have excellent instruction and are given a lot of freedom and responsibility (for example getting themselves to and from class at recess and after lunch) and JIS educators and administrators are constantly training up on the latest teaching standards and techniques. Everyone is passionate about education. The parents are very hands-on involved which makes events and the school very fun. My son didn't have any problems with bullying, but one irritation was that the kids were allowed to use computers during recess to play minecraft and other games so if they had the chance they would do that instead of playing outside. Bambino preschool was so amazing. The teachers were real partners and I was very satisfied- I was amazed at what my pre-schooler learned. - Jan 2015

There are many options: BIS, JIS, ACG, NZIS, AIS and a whole lot more. BIS is quite far out, however, accessible by the toll road, and once you reach the toll road, you can reach BIS with relative ease. I was very happy with the quality of education at BIS. Also, the kids had some self awareness issues about themselves and their relationships with others. - Jan 2013

Not applicable to me and my husband, though I'm aware that JIS (Jakarta International School), where most embassy kids go, is pretty good. - Jun 2012

no kids in school here, but jis is typical high powered american pattern, intl school that is not user friendly at times.other choices abound:british, aussie, nz, local with ib curriculums, that may be less expensive/pretentious and more user friendly. - Jan 2012

We did not have children in school, but people seemed very pleased with the Jakarta International school. It's a very nice campus, and there seemed to be a broad range of courses and extra-curricular courses offered. A few families had their children in the British or Australian schools, too. - Jul 2011

JIS has a tremendous international reputation. The facilities are unbelievable...like a college campus for the high school. Also, the course offerings subject and specialty wise are diverse and they offer AP and IB and a regular programme for regular kids. The two elementary schools are warm and supportive. There is a plethora of activities, sports, volunteer services in which children can and do partake. Once you are here, you will not want to take your child away from JIS. However, read below about special needs kids... - Jul 2011

Both the British International School and the Jakarta International School (US Curriculum) have very good reputations and excellent facilities; the only problem facing many families is the struggle to get to them through the legendary traffic jams! - Nov 2010

JIS is highly regarded and recommended. - Mar 2008

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