Jakarta - Post Report Question and Answers

What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Many restaurants. - Oct 2021

Everything is here. Everything. - Sep 2020

Amazing schools, affordable household help, the ability to save, good dining and restaurants, lots of interesting travel opportunities. - Feb 2018

Jakarta has lots of nice restaurants, lots of nightlife. Indonesians are friendly. You can travel pretty easily to other Southeast Asian countries (if you can deal with the traffic on the way to the airport.) - Jun 2015

I disagree with other comments that there is a lot to do in Jakarta, I guess because I am an outdoors person who likes to be active outside in nature. The best advantages are: inexpensive hired help (although that comes with its own challenges), year-round swimming, inexpensive tennis lessons, and a vibrant and close expat community (because there isn't much to do we all get together!), excellent cheap spas, and an ability to go to all the nicest hotels for drinks or dining (although avoid raw foods even at the nicest places since the staff also don't always wash their hands before handling food) - Jan 2015

Jakarta offers many forms of entertainment for all ages--young and old. Finding out about it can be challenging at first until networks are established. There are many modern shopping malls with movie theatres. Also many outlet stores and trading centre malls with fabulous prices. Jakarta has many restaurants, indoor and outdoor play areas for children, an ice-skating rink, bowling alley, and Kidszania. Wonderful opportunities for kids. Indonesia is a beautiful country with many wonderful places to visit. - Jan 2013

The culture -- Indonesia has several fascinating cultures...and wonderful travel opportunities. Services are cheap. It's never cold (although perhaps sometimes overly air conditioned). - Jun 2012

no particular advantages aside from living in a tropical southeast asian country. - Jan 2012

Indonesia is a beautiful country, and if you are willing to be adventurous, there is so much tosee. There are many different interesting, cultures, fabulous wildlife, great scuba diving, and wonderful crafts. Jakarta is also a great launching point for traveling to other parts of Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. - Jul 2011

The weather is perfect everyday. Think of Jakarta as the love child of Bangkok and Hawaii. Posh malls, great shopping, fantastic in-country vacations to beaches or jungles, your kids will learn to scuba dive, domestic help is plentiful, there are great restaurants and the ex-pat community is big enough to find people you like or big enough that you can escape unnoticed, if you wish. - Jul 2011

Visiting other countries in the area. Beach vacations in country. Yogyakarta. Nice and easy to get to know people. Household staff is reliable and inexpensive. Local culture is available, but easier to access in Yogyakarta. Orangutans. - Dec 2010

Travel to more attractive parts of SE Asia - Nov 2010

Diversity of cultures, luxurious lifestyle, close vacation destinations, friendly people, hospitable people, lack of arrogance. - Jul 2010

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