Jakarta - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

California. You transit through Narita. 6 hours to Japan and another 10-12 to California. - Oct 2021

United States (East Coast) so takes up to 30 hours door-to-door if you don't take a rest stop. - Sep 2020

Connections to the U.S. are pretty tough and long. If you live on the West Coast, you'll fly via Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul, or Hong Kong. Those on the East Coast will typically go via the Pacific, but can fly via Doha, Dubai, or Amsterdam too. It takes about 24-30 hours door-to-door depending on the destination. Most flights arrive and depart in the middle of the night. - Feb 2018

DC. Trip is brutally long. Expect around 24 hours from the time you leave to the airport until the time you arrive at your new home. - Jun 2015

At the time our home base was Washington, DC. It is an awful trip with small children. 8 hours to Korea and then 12 hours to DC or 14 hours to Hong Kong and then another 5+ to Jakarta. The best way we found to connect was to fly to Narita and have a long layover- like 6 hours and use the hotel in the airport. We slept for two hours, had a shower and then did the remaining flight. That was the easiest journey we had. - Jan 2015

USA. There are frequent flights through various Asian and Middle Eastern hubs. It's a very long journey! - Jan 2013

California/Washington DC - a full day of travel (or two days, depending on what direction you're going in). - Jun 2012

east coast usa, 28 hours, via seoul. - Jan 2012

Washington, DC. It is approximaely 36-40 hours. There are several ways to go, though I've gone DC-Tokyo-Jakarta, Jakarta-Singapore-Tokyo-DC, Jakarta-Hong Kong-London-DC, andDC-Atlanta-Seoul-Singapore-Jakarta. - Jul 2011

Home? Anywhere USA--but Jakarta is the Southern Hemisphere so there is no quick way home. With the Fly America Act it can take 22 to 36 hours in each direction. If you are not on a US carrier, the fastest way is through Manila (cheap)or Thai (not cheap) from BKK to LAX to the West Coast. To the East Coast Qatar and Emirates fly to DC, Houston, and JFK. These are great flights, very inexpensive. - Jul 2011

The shortest trip to Washington, DC, from Jakarta using American carriers is a little over 22 hours, if you can get the best timing through Seoul or Tokyo. 26 or more hours is common, if more stops are added. - Dec 2010

UK to Jakarta - 17 hrs FLYING time; add on another 3-4 hrs for transfers etc. Economy is not for the fainthearted!!! - Nov 2010

30 hours, with a connection in Hong Kong. - Jul 2010

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