Jakarta - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Yes. We have two routers from two different internet companies (we needed back-up for teleworking and on-line school). One on them usually has an issues 1-2 times a month (luckily never at the same time). - Oct 2021

Quite easy and fast. Within a few days. - Sep 2020

Internet is great with very high speeds. We have First Media, 32MB download package with cable TV for about $60 USD per month. http://www.firstmedia.com/get/basic/packages#x1-combo-4k. Very fast installation. Get a DVR with your cable box. Service can drop unexpectedly so have backup options in place. We also have a Home Bolt, which provides 30 GB of internet per month for about $20 USD per month. - Feb 2018

Yes- not expensive. - Jan 2015

Internet connection was good and is part of the cable tv cost. - Jan 2013

Available and pretty fast. We pay $30/month for a faster connection in our apartment. (We were getting it free, but it was slow). - Jun 2012

Yes, I pay $100/mo for cable, international tv, fast internet and unreliable landline at my apartment. - Jan 2012

Yes, but I don't remember how much. - Jul 2011

See above. It is fast enough to watch videos most of the time. - Jul 2011

High-speed internet access is available, though not as reliable as in the U.S., and nothing like Korea, for instance. It is expensive, but probably just a little more or the same as a big city in the U.S. - Dec 2010

Yes, but more expensive than UK. - Nov 2010

It is available though reliability and speed are issues. - Jul 2010

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