Jakarta - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

Gojek is a delivery App; most restaurants deliver especially since COVID. Many options are available Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Mexican, etc. - Oct 2021

There are tons of restaurants available of varying prices. We are not foodies but we found that many restaurants recommended by others were not as good as expected. There are good restaurants in the hotels, however, and the Japanese fast food is almost authentic. Much of the food can be delivered. - Sep 2020

GoJek offers convenient online delivery via motorcycle for thousands of restaurants. Jakarta has a surprisingly vibrant restaurant scene with lots of good Thai, Japanese, BBQ, Korean, French, and Italian joints at all price points. Just don't eat street food, which is not typically prepared hygienically. - Feb 2018

Jakarta has all the fast food chains. Dining out is cheap. - Jun 2015

McDonald's delivers! Many restaurants but you have to be very careful - do not to eat salad, raw fruit, smoothies, or sushi or you risk parasites and intestinal disorders- these are very uncomfortable and hard to get rid of and require very strong and awful medicines. I had two different ones the first year until I only ate salad at home washed with bottled water (not organic! My friend got a liver fluke from eating organic veg in Jakarta) and when I ate out ate everything cooked only- then I was fine. And any meats- burgers- well done. - Jan 2015

There are many restaurants at all price levels. You can enjoy a good quality meal in a restaurant for an average family for about USD 60-75 (without alcohol, which shoots the bill up considerably.) All of the fast-food chains are here, and they deliver to your house! Almost all restaurants in your neighbourhood will have some kind of delivery menu. - Jan 2013

You can pretty much find anything you want in this department -- almost -- and at all ranges. There is dirt cheap street food (eat at your own risk -- it may be impossible to live here without getting sick!) up to very high end. - Jun 2012

Indonesians love to eat. There are all choices of restaurants, but stay away from street food, it's preserved with formaldehyde, and you will get hepatitis. You will also even get food poisoning eating at 5-star hotels. That has happened twice to me in three years. - Jan 2012

As for fast food, McDonalds, KFC, A&W, Burger King, Krispy Kreme, and others are around. We did not go very often, but I think a meal and a drink ran about $3. There are also such chains as Chili's, Outback Steakouse, and so forth. While there are only a handful of Tex-Mex places, you can find just about any cuisine in Jakarta at very reasonable prices. And, of course, there are also many good Indonesian restaurants - Jul 2011

Yes! There is MacDonalds and Burger King but KFC rules this country. However, we never eat fast food here--there are too many great restaurants. Some are cheap but others that cater to the rich or in the malls can be almost US prices. - Jul 2011

All fast food is available, as are a range of restaurants from cheap to really expensive. Eating really cheap food will make you ill. Food borne disease is quite common. - Dec 2010

Masses of restaurants from the very top to the very bottom of the price range but you sample the lower price end at your peril! - Nov 2010

Jakarta is a foodie's mecca. Over 30 types of cuisine are found--and that is only counting the food types indigenous to Indonesia! Dinner costs between $5-$15 per person. Jakarta has to be one of the most affordable places to eat well in the world. - Jul 2010

Most everything is available and they deliver. No decent Tex-Mex though, but it is a small price to pay. Jakarta has restaurants of every variety and budget. - Mar 2008

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