Jakarta - Post Report Question and Answers

Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Yes, Indonesians are so friendly. The city is generally safe and the travel opportunities are amazing (when we can travel). - Oct 2021

Yes.... but might choose to live closer to the school or to work. - Sep 2020

Yes. - Feb 2018

Probably not. It was ok but I have no desire to go back to Jakarta. Too crowded, horrendous traffic, and air quality was not good. It did serve as a good point to explore other parts of the region though. - Jun 2015

Yes, I would. Although at times it was hard, it was such a great overall experience and my kids talk about wanting to go back all the time. - Jan 2015

Absolutely - -it was a fabulous experience. Southeast Asia and Indonesia are on the rise. It was a fabulous experience to live there. Really the major downfall is the horrendous traffic in Jakarta. - Jan 2013

Yes. I think so. So far, on balance, it has been a good experience so far. - Jun 2012

Perhaps, but I would lower my expectations. Social relationships are difficult if you become serious; domestic travel (except to Bali) is not worthwhile, difficult to arrange and very expensive Even Bali's beaches are polluted. Having spent 20 years in asia, this isn't quite it. It's very similar to india, with the same level of inefficiency, lack of public services, and corruption. - Jan 2012

Yes, because I had some amazing experiences that I would not have had otherwise and met some great people. - Jul 2011

Yes! It is like heaven. Gorgeous flora and fauna, good shopping, great weather. Layers of Asian culture to explore. - Jul 2011

Yes. Honestly, we had a good time. - Dec 2010

No, 18 months in that filthy, noisy, smelly, overcrowded, gridlocked and heavily polluted city is quite enough for me!Not sorry I had the experience; just don't want to repeat it! - Nov 2010

Yes, as long as my housing was close to my workplace. Commute times can make or break your stay in Jakarta. - Jul 2010

I may not leave. - Mar 2008

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