Jakarta - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Real maple syrup. - Oct 2021

Most things you need are available in Jakarta, including US brand clothes and makeup. I do not think there was much we could not find on the local market. What is very expensive is quality kids toys -- could be USD 40 for a small lego set. Or you could buy a 5 Chinese lego-like set. Recommend bringing gifts for birthday parties etc from your home country to cut expenses. - Sep 2020

While you'll pay more for imported items, and they aren't always available, there's nothing we haven't been able to find. For example, you can get Cheez Balls, Raisin Bran, Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, and Cherry Dr. Pepper (in addition to more normal items). Just like any other place, bring any super specific brands you can't live without. But seriously, they have pretty much everything you can imagine. - Feb 2018

WINE!!!! There is some at the Commissary but after two years you get bored! Cereal, it's about US$15 for a box of cereal in the local economy- maple syrup-shampoo and conditioner. - Jan 2015

Surprisingly, vaseline was almost impossible to find! Vitamins are available, but really expensive. - Jan 2013

Herbal tea. It costs US$8/box here. Cereal is also expensive, but I have switched to oatmeal. - Jun 2012

if you are a typical western size, then bring clothes to fit. - Jan 2012

Not much-only a few household items that I had trouble finding locally as well as a few comfort foods. - Jul 2011

A trampoline--it would be nice to have one in the yard and a basketball hoop. (The embassy just purchased new furniture--so I do not even miss my bed!) - Jul 2011

I shipped items regularly to post through the Embassy mail, but I would have shipped pet food and cat litter in my household effects if I'd realized the price. - Dec 2010

Insect repellent, decent Tea, bacon, sausages, casual clothing in natural fibres. - Nov 2010

Storage racks and bins. Dryfit, polyester t-shirts to endure the heat. Large shoes (as sizes above size 10 U.S. can be nearly impossible to find). - Jul 2010

Shoes, if you are above a U.S. women's size 7 or a U.S. Men's size 9. Everything else is available. - Mar 2008

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