Jakarta - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

The Embassy has a small gym. Two housing compounds also have gyms and swimming pools. One apartment building has a gym, too. I'm not sure about the other apartment buildings. - Oct 2021

There are workout facilities all over, same quality or better than USA, for the same prices as East Coast in the USA. - Sep 2020

Most apartment complexes have free gyms on-site. Lots of local gyms are available at about $50 USD per month per person. - Feb 2018

Yes- reasonably priced I found. And very nice. - Jan 2015

All over the place. - Jan 2013

The apartment we live in has a gym, a pool, and tennis courts. Most of the apartments do. I don't think the housing compounds do, though (though I haven't seen all of the housing). This is not really a city where one can run outside. - Jun 2012

most apartments have nice pools and gyms, gold's gym is here too. - Jan 2012

Most apartment buildings have gyms. There are also several chains (Golds, and I think, Fitness First) in Jakarta. The American Club has a gym, tennis courts, and a pool, which people in South Jakarta tend to enjoy. For runners, there is the Jakarta Free Spirit group and several Hash House Harriers kennels. - Jul 2011

Yes, there are fantastic gym and pool facilities. Most of the communities and apartments have their own facilities. The American Club is open to non-embassy members and to members from other countries. - Jul 2011

Gyms are readily available in fancy apartments, hotels, and malls. Some are ridiculously expensive, though others offer discounts to diplomats. - Dec 2010

Yes, there is one in every shopping mall but they are generally more expensive than in Europe and very loud! - Nov 2010

Yes. There are three world-class gym chains that have spread throughout Jakarta:Gold's Gym, Fitness First, and Celebrity Fitness. It only costs approximately $50/month and is a great deal. Gyms are social places too, with social advantages to joining. - Jul 2010

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