Jakarta - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Rainy season and dry season. Always hot. - Oct 2021

Switches between hot and wet seasons. Jakarta is known to badly flood about every five years. - Sep 2020

It's pretty hot all year long, but better than we expected. It's a few degrees cooler than Singapore and Bangkok, which makes a difference. Rainy season is October - April, and it rains most days for about 1-2 hours. Some areas experience flooding. - Feb 2018

Hot and humid everyday of the year. - Jun 2015

Sunny and dry in the summer- hot, rainy and hot in the "winter." Very humid in the winter. Sun protection is a must at all times. - Jan 2015

Hot, hotter and unbearably hot! Heavy rain in the rainy season that often causes flooding in Jakarta which causes unimaginable traffic jams. - Jan 2013

There is a dry season and a wet season: meaning that it is either hot and dry, or hot and rainy. - Jun 2012

hot and dry:apr to nov; less hot and less dry (but not cold and rainy):dec to mar. - Jan 2012

Hot and dry or hot and wet. The rainy season at the beginning of the year can bring downpours, which the canals, polluted with trash, cannot always handle, leading to flooding. (During one rainy season, reportedly 20% of the city was under some amount of standing water.) I remember that when we were there, the "antique street" near where we lived had kids swimming in a few feet of water while our street was ok. I also heard stories of afternooncommutes that normally took an 45-minutes to an hour taking 5-6 hours, though those were extreme cases. - Jul 2011

Perfect. Everyday is the same. It rains a little everyday during months with an 'R' in them. You sort of lose track of time because you are never cold and you never notice the seasons changing. It is like Shangri-la. - Jul 2011

Hot and humid all the time. Crazy bad flooding during rainy season (making traffic much worse). - Dec 2010

Suffocating. Very hot all year round with 100% humidity. Monsoon rain for most of the year. - Nov 2010

There are three seasons in Jakarta: Hot, Hotter, and Hottest. The temperature never drops below 78 degrees. That said, the temperature becomes bearable and is noticeably not as warm as Singapore or India. - Jul 2010

hot: hot and dry and hot and wet/humid. - Mar 2008

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