Jakarta - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

Furniture, art, baskets. - Oct 2021

Yes, though I did not shop much. There are a few major shopping events a year that bring all of Indonesia to you. - Sep 2020

Absolutely. Indonesia has tons of handicrafts. Alun Alun: features high-end (although pricey) Indonesian products, from housewares to clothes to jewelry. This is where to go for good quality gifts. Located inside Grand Indonesia Mall.

Consigna on Mampang Raya: is an inexpensive camping gear store. Eiger is another camping store you’ll see scattered throughout town.

Fabric stores - Mayestic has a large seven story building with store after store of different clothing items. There are other buildings in the area, including one called, Toko Maju which has every kind of button you can imagine. Tana Abang is another area with lots of fabric stores. Tamrin City is a great place for batik, although you start to go cross eyed after seeing literally hundreds of options.

Jl. Kemang Timur: has furniture store after furniture store. You can find some beautiful teak wood items or even show a photo/drawing of what you want and they can custom build items.

Jl. Surabaya: A street of antique stores in Menteng, near Executive Menteng Apartments. Be prepared for high prices; you must bargain hard. You can find just about everything: carved garuda statues, chandeliers, record albums, etc. It’s a great place to stroll for casual looking or serious shopping, and good for visitors.

Sarinah Dept. Store: has tons of souvenirs, inexpensive batik, and other items for sale. Go to the top floor to see most vendors.

Wendy Gallery: They sell mid-century modern, art deco, Mission, and other styles, but not much carved, traditional Indonesian pieces. The city of Tangerang Selatan is filled with furniture stores. Expect dark, dusty stores packed with furniture stacked 2-3 pieces high. Go during the day and bring a flashlight, because lighting is terrible. If you bargain, you will be rewarded with amazing pieces at prices that would make a West Elm salesman weep. Wendy Gallery, Jalan Pahlawan 51, Gintung Rempoa Ciputat Timur, Tangerang Selatan; crasser76@yahoo.com; POC: Pak Maswir, 0821-1098-0233 or 021-743-0014. - Feb 2018

Batik shirts, wood-craft. - Jun 2015

Framing- great frame shops- cheap and good quality- furniture- paintings from Bali- batiks. - Jan 2015

Travel. There are lots of lovely bits of art. - Jan 2013

Tons! Furniture, "wayang kulit," batiks, other interesting artifacts. - Jun 2012

batik, handicrafts. - Jan 2012

Solid teak or mahogany furniture, batik, jewelry, home furnishings, and more. You'll hear about good places through the grapevine. CLO also has some shop brochures. - Jul 2011

Batik (which I am really not into); gorgeous furniture, local musical instruments--like a standing gong or a gamelon. In country travel. - Jul 2011

Furniture, batik, other local crafts. There are some beautiful things. - Dec 2010

Lovely local furniture and wooden artifacts but they are always ready to rip off the western expats so beware!Bargain RUTHLESSLY! - Nov 2010

Woodcarvings, batik fabric, rattan furniture. - Jul 2010

Woodcraft, textiles, furniture, silver, opals, travel, diving lessons, golf lessons, beach resorts. - Mar 2008

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