Jakarta - Post Report Question and Answers

Can you save money?

Yes. - Jun 2015

Depends on how much you need to get out. - Jan 2015

Difficult. The cost of living is quite high. Also, if you want to enjoy what Jakarta has to offer, it will cost money. - Jan 2013

Yes, unless you want to see the country. Then you will need to shell out on flights. - Jun 2012

Yes. - Jan 2012

Yes. - Jul 2011

Easily--but if you are feeding four or five teenagers and travelling all the time you might not save as much as your wish. - Jul 2011

Yeah, but it is easy to spend on imported items, restaurants, and vacations. - Dec 2010

Not easy. Jakarta is a very expensive city to live in, especially if you are a party animal. - Nov 2010

Easily, especially if you don't travel and eat out. - Jul 2010

Yes, if you don't succumb to all the local handicrafts, furniture, trips out of Indonesia. - Mar 2008

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