Jakarta - Post Report Question and Answers

Quality pet care available (vets & kennels)?

Vets make housecalls, which was great. When we traveled, our maid or neighbors cared for our cats. - Jul 2011

Yes--they are good, cheap and can do house calls. - Jul 2011

Indonesian vets are around the same skill level as a vet tech in the U.S.Kennels are available and okay, though your household staff can be excellent at keeping your pets (our housekeeper loved our pets).Some people have good experiences with the quarantine -- we did not. - Dec 2010

Good care for incoming animals, from dealing with the clearance of animal from customs, through to transport to the Quarantine Clinic and home delivery. Plenty of pet shops with wide variety of animal foods and general needs. One good kennelling facility outside the city. - Nov 2010

Really, if you are letting the quality of pet care determine your move to another city, you should get a life. - Jul 2010

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