Jakarta - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Business casual. Batik shirts are considered very formal and are worn every Friday in the embassy. - Oct 2021

No dress code. In Jakarta you can wear anything (miniskirt, spaghetti straps, etc). Other places may be more conservative and when you travel around the country you may choose to cover up more, but saw no adverse reaction to skirts or short sleeves anywhere. - Sep 2020

Men: slacks, shirt, and tie. Batik on Fridays. Women: knee length skirts, modest shirts covering shoulders. No burkas or hijabs needed. For formal weddings women will want fancier dresses, which are available locally. Tank tops, spaghetti straps, midriff cutoffs, and super short skirts would be frowned upon. - Feb 2018

Batik shirts help you stay cool and are still considered formal wear. - Jun 2015

Casual. It's so hot. But ladies dress up often when going out. I usually covered up more when going out in public- partially because of the sun and partially for modesty. - Jan 2015

Suits and batik shirts (long sleeve). - Jun 2012

More formal that one expects in a tropical location. Long-sleeve shirt, with ties in embassies, but batik can suffice: short sleeve in day, long sleeve at night. - Jan 2012

Work tended to be more formal, though adjusted for the warm weather. A lot of people wear batik on Fridays. - Jul 2011

This is a mix. It is warm so some people wear batik or capris/sandals; however, it is Chinese Influenced Asia--so some people dress to the nines. - Jul 2011

A wide range. Most people dress fairly conservatively, but you see women in next to nothing at the malls, and the heat does mean that batik rather than a suit is the norm for an evening party. - Dec 2010

Indonesian men dress as western expatriate men for the office. The local women often dress most inappropriately in their desperate attempts to secure a Western partner. Despite this being a 'Muslim' country, half naked prostitues openly display their 'wares' for sale on the streets of Menteng. - Nov 2010

More casual than other cities. Batik fabric is often worn, especially on Fridays. - Jul 2010

More informal that the U.S./Europe. Visit one of Jakarta's many textile bazaars and get a batik shirt made. Long sleeve batik shirts are considered formal wear for men. - Mar 2008

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