Jakarta - Post Report Question and Answers

Morale among expats:

Jakarta is a place you either really love or you appreciate and respect it! It can be a daunting city and challenging. - Jan 2013

Mixed. Some people love it, some hate it. Jakarta takes a while to get to know and to find your niche. The traffic can get old, so can the lack of outdoor space (no parks, no sidewalks). - Jun 2012

Depends on how often you can escape Jakarta. Once per month to Singapore kept me sane. - Jan 2012

Varied. Some people loved it; others were less enamored of it. Either way, I think people acknowledged it wasn't bad for a hardship post. - Jul 2011

Very high. You rarely meet someone who hates it here. People like it and generally want to stay longer. The biggest complaint is about the traffic and about being so far from family in the US. - Jul 2011

Okay - Dec 2010

Generally good I think. The oil company folk are extremely well paid and can cope better with the high cost of living. The less affluent Diplomatic community find it difficult to save money in Jakarta. Many spouses enjoy the very indolent lifestyle but outdoor/exercise loving types can find the city very claustrophobic. - Nov 2010

Depends on who you ask! For those expats who are flexible, culturally sensitive, patient, and speak some Bahasa, Jakarta can be a very rewarding, comfortable place to live. For those expats who expect the conveniences of their home countries, and don't endeavor to make bridges with Indonesians, they tend to spend too much time complaining. - Jul 2010

It really depends on the person and the day. Jakarta is a fascinating place to live, but it can also be frustrating. The endless traffic, the inequality, the utter lack of green space, monsoon season, the non-confrontational culture, lack of efficiency, going to yet another over-air- conditioned mall...again, etc. will wear you down. My pathway to sanity is to get out of town. Take a cheap jetstar flight to Singapore and reacquaint yourself with standing in line, orderly traffic and rules (many many rules). Travel in Indonesia to Bali, the hills of Bukkit Tinggi, go see Orangutans in Kalimantan or snorkel/dive in Bunaken, Sulawesi. Use the larger travel agencies in Jakarta's malls to plan your trips. - Mar 2008

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