Jakarta - Post Report Question and Answers

What English-language religious services are available locally?

Various. - Sep 2020

Catholic, Protestant, Latter Day Saints (Mormon). - Feb 2018

No idea. - Jan 2015

There are, but I'm not affiliated, so it is hard to know. We have friends who go to English-language church services. - Jun 2012

Yes for Roman Catholics and Protestants, but not for Jews. - Jan 2012

Various denominations advertised English-language church services in the local English newspapers. - Jul 2011

Yes, Catholic, Protestant. LDS. You name it, it is here. - Jul 2011

All Denominations catered for. - Nov 2010

Services are available for all Christian denominations. I'm unaware of any English-language services for Islamic/Buddhist/Jewish/Hindu services. - Jul 2010

Most Christian denominations, Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh services are available. - Mar 2008

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