Jakarta - Post Report Question and Answers

Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

You can get a SIM chip when you arrive. This is not difficult to do with an unlocked phone. You can pay monthly with a local bank account (most people do this) or with cash/credit card at most convenient stores. - Oct 2021

We used a local provider but had to learn how to use the machines to plus up our prepaid plans. Some people use their drivers. You can also buy pulsa off someone you know and have them transfer it to you. - Sep 2020

Dirt-cheap access. Bring your phone from home (make sure it's GSM unlocked) and get a pre-paid plan. We load small amounts per month, probably $15 USD for 2 GB data and calling. - Feb 2018

Definitely need one. Everything happens by texting. - Jan 2015

Network is good. Calls are reasonably priced. - Jan 2013

This is the country of cell phones and BlackBerries! They are readily available and cheap and the service is pretty good. I use an embassy-issued blackberry. - Jun 2012

They are easy and cheap to get here. For $100 you can get a basic model, local sim card and some minutes that you can reload easily for $10/2 months. - Jan 2012

There are various inexpensive pay-as-you-go options. Get a phone, pop in a SIM card with a local carrier, buy a scratch-off card, and you're set. - Jul 2011

Bring one in with you for each of your kids and have your staff buy the local SIM card and pre-pay. You can pick up a lovely phone in BKK for next to nothing. - Jul 2011

Local cell phone service works well with rechargeable SIM card. Phones are not cheap, but they're not expensive. - Dec 2010

Cell phones generally work well with the local providers. More expensive than UK. - Nov 2010

Telkomsel has the most reliable coverage. Get your thumbs ready for sms-happy Indonesians! - Jul 2010

Get one. Cell phones are cheap and plentiful. A second hand phone from any kiosk in the mall will do if you do not receive one through work. - Mar 2008

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