Jakarta - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Taxis are very easy to use here. They are safe and you can use with an App. (Called Bluebird taxis). The App tracks you and you have a record/receipt sent to your email every time you use. If you leave something in the taxi you can call and they will return to you (we left a backpack once and it was returned). I have used a taxi almost everyday for two years with minimal issues. Also very cheap 3-4 dollar from South Jakarta to Embassy. Grab and Gojek are also available and easy to use (similar to Uber). They also have an elevated train called MRT that is new, safe and easy to use. The Embassy also provides a shuttle to/from the embassy. - Oct 2021

Affordable. Trains and buses can be packed (pickpockets) so many who can afford it would prefer to use the inexpensive taxis. People on trains and buses wear their backpacks on the front. - Sep 2020

Buses no. Bluebird and Silverbird taxis are fantastic. Jakarta has the best taxi service of any city we have ever visited. Download the Bluebird app to schedule rides in advance (the drivers always show up early). Drivers always use meters. Just make sure to have small bills. - Feb 2018

Taxis only. Stick with Bluebird, Silverbird, or Express. I don't know anyone that takes buses. Trains to other cities in Indonesia are OK. Jakarta is currently in the process of building a subway system but it's anyone's guess as to when it will be completed - Jun 2015

Taxis- only blue Bird or Silver Bird. Very affordable. Even the Silver Bird- high end taxis. The buses are super cheap but I wouldn't feel comfortable riding on it as a woman. - Jan 2015

Taxis are everywhere in Jakarta and quite affordable. - Jan 2013

We are only supposed to use taxis. They are pretty cheap. - Jun 2012

Blue bird, Silver horse, Express and Silver bird taxis are best bets. Stay off buses and trains, they are unsafe, dirty and home to pickpockets. - Jan 2012

We relied on taxis. Firms such as Blue Bird, Silver Bird, and Express tended to be safe, though occasionally we had some harrowing, roundabout or otherwise unpleasant rides. They are very affordable. When we went to visit friends in South Jakarta, we'd be in the car for 30-40 minutes and only pay the equivalent of $6-8.I did not take any buses. I took trains to some other cities on Java. They were affordable, but I'm not sure how safe they were. - Jul 2011

Blue Bird and Silver Bird are the recommended taxis and they are plentiful and Blue Bird is cheap to the point that some people do not have cars. I would avoid the bus and there is no subway/sky train system. - Jul 2011

Taxis are great, and not very expensive. The train is more rustic than many ex-pats would desire, and there are frequent accidents. Very few ex-pats take buses. The local city buses are crowded, dirty, and unsafely maintained. I do want to say that crime is really low. - Dec 2010

Expats generally avoid local trains/buses but the taxis are cheap and readily available. - Nov 2010

Jakarta taxis from Blue Bird company are among the most reliable--and inexpensive--in the world. Local trains are slow and usually crowded. However, train trips to other parts of Java (Bogor, Bandung, Yogyakarta) can make for a cool train adventure...that you only probably want to take once! Local buses leave much to be desired. - Jul 2010

Local trains are not convenient or recommended for commuting. The Red and Blue air con commuter busses are nice if you commute from the center to Kemang. Taxis are safe and affordable, as long as you choose the right one. In general I stick to Blue Bird group, Gamya and Dian (in that order). Do not get into a cab if you feel unsafe or if the cab driver refuses to use the meter. If you are somewhere out of the way, call the silver bird dispatcher. They will speak some english and will order you a cab or direct you to the nearest Blue Bird Group stand. Always know generally where you are/ your route. I do not feel unsafe taking taxis in Jakarta as long as it is the right copany. These are taxi rules I follow in any developing country. - Mar 2008

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