Jakarta - Post Report Question and Answers

Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

ATM machines are widely used and are safe. Credit cards are also accepted in most places. - Oct 2021

Credit cards widely accepted and safe to use. - Sep 2020

Yes and yes. Although, ATMs have relatively small cash limits (1,500,000 or 2,000,000 per transaction). I highly recommend opening a local bank account for ease of making purchases and transfers. - Feb 2018

I used only cash when out but ATMS were not a problem. - Jan 2015

You can use your credit card and ATM everywhere. You can also pay a lot of bills (electricity, cable, phone bill, mobile phone units, etc) using your ATM card! - Jan 2013

Credit cards are OK for very high-end places. Otherwise, it is a cash economy. I use the cashier at the embassy. I don't use ATMS except when I am outside of Jakarta. - Jun 2012

I get cash from ATMs using my U.S. bank card without problems. I use credit cards in 5-star hotels, but nowhere else. You can open local bank accounts with a local id card. - Jan 2012

The RSO warned us to be very careful when using credit cards and ATMs because of theft/fraud problems. So, we generally used cash. We did use credit cards at major hotels and a few other places, but that was the exception. Some embassy friends had problems with people getting their hands on their credit card numbers and ATM card numbers despite being very careful. - Jul 2011

ATMs are everywhere and are efficient. We cash checks at the embassy for cash and restrict our use of credit cards. - Jul 2011

Fraud happens. We tended to stick with banking at the Embassy and credit cards only in the nicer hotels. We had no problems. Others did. - Dec 2010

Keep a local bank account and monitor the balance. Use a debit card at the readily available ATMs with this local account. AVOID using your credit cards in all but the most reputable hotels. - Nov 2010

In two years, I have experienced no problems whatsoever with credit cards. ATMs are plentiful. Make sure to know the phone numbers of your banks, since foreign banks sometimes mistakenly block your card access out of (mistaken) fear it is being stolen and being used in Indonesia. - Jul 2010

Be careful when using your credit card as card theft is quite common. Learn to love your bank's fraud prevention staff. - Mar 2008

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