Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Major facilities like shopping malls all have elevators. The sidewalks in the city are terrible (except for a few neighborhoods) so most people do not walk. Taxis are quite inexpensive. - Sep 2020

Yes. Sidewalks are non-existent and very few buildings are handicapped accessible. - Feb 2018

Yes. I think it would be challenging. - Jan 2015

It is not physical-disability friendly at all, despite its modernity! - Jan 2013

Hmm. Hard to say. Jakarta is not pedestrian friendly, all of us must drive to get anywhere anyways. A lot of places have elevators. - Jun 2012

life with disabilities would be horrid. - Jan 2012

It would be hard to get around unless you rely entirely on a car. (If in a wheelchair, you'd probably have to bring your own lift-equipped van.) Many streets do not have sidewalks, and where there are sidewalks, they may be very narrow, uneven with missing pavement/bricks, and gaping holes. Curbs can be very high. Most new malls have elevators and escalators, though. - Jul 2011

YES! Even the embassy is not compliant to the ADA. If you are in a wheelchair or on crutches everyday will be a challenge for you here. - Jul 2011

It would be hard, though it is easy to hire people to help you, there is no easy access for wheelchairs or any other accommodations. - Dec 2010

Jakarta is a city designed for vehicles, NOT pedestrians. One is collected, and deposited, by one's Driver, at doorways. Only the poverty stricken locals walk anywhere. - Nov 2010

Many difficulties. Sidewalks are an endangered species in Jakarta. - Jul 2010

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