Jakarta - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

It's challenging for singles - especially with COVID restrictions on social gatherings. Great for families and couples, if you're able to travel. Children under 12 cannot travel as of Oct. 2021. That may change with vaccinations. - Oct 2021

Great for everyone. - Sep 2020

Jakarta works for all types of people. Indonesians love families and little kids. Don't be surprised if people want to touch children's blond hair or take photos with you. Young English students might also ask to interview you for homework assignments. - Feb 2018

There is a very active nightlife scene in Jakarta. Bars, Restaurants, nightclubs. Men will have no problem dating locally, not sure about women. There is an active internations (expat organization) scene that hosts events and a decent expat community. Not a bad place for singles. Couples will enjoy going out to restaurants and taking excursions outside of the city. Lots of other expat families as well. - Jun 2015

I think for single men definitely. Single women might find it hard. Couples it's nice- lots of spas and nice restaurants and easy jumping off point for travel. For families based on the schools yes. Commuting can be hard on the working spouse. - Jan 2015

It is pretty much good for everyone! The real limitations to enjoying yourself are the cost and the traffic. However, there is plenty for everyone and a diversity of options. - Jan 2013

Yes for all, though I think the experience will be very different. Great for couples and singles in terms of the travel opportunities, I'm not sure in terms of the social life or the dating scene (like many parts of the world, might be tougher for women). Socially, the embassy is clique-y and divided geographically by where people live -- largely due to traffic. - Jun 2012

yes, although horrid traffic and lots of illnesses makes it hard to enjoy Jakarta at times. Single western men should have no problem meeting local women, but the latter's expectation of being take care of and attachment to living in indonesia, make long-term relationships that include the prospect of life outside of indonesia difficult. Single expat women must have a tough time. - Jan 2012

I think families enjoyed it because of the good schools, affordable household help, good travel opportunities, and the many things to do in Jakarta. As a couple, we liked the many travel opportunities, learning about Indonesia's diverse cultures, the affordable restaurants and movies, etc. I think singles enjoy it for the aforementioned reasons,although dating wise, single men seemed to enjoy it more than single women. I saw a lot of single American men dating (and sometimes marrying) Indonesian women. The single women I knew weren't as happy in that respect. - Jul 2011

Yes for all. There is a lot to do for everyone. - Jul 2011

There are many attractions in Jakarta's many, many malls for families, singles, and couples. There is little in the way of cultural events, but there are restaurants, bars, movies, bowling, swimming, and more, available throughout Jakarta. Often, these are more expensive than they would be in the U.S. - Dec 2010

Great for singles; lots of pubs/clubs/restaurants/gyms/cinemas/modern shopping malls/bowling alleys/cheap taxis etc. Notoriously bad for marriages due to the relentness pursuit of Western expatriate men by the local women desperate for a one way ticket to a better life elsewhere. - Nov 2010

There are few public spaces for families to spend time together, aside from the malls. Single men tend to enjoy Jakarta more than single women. Couples seem to like the great variety of restaurants, nightspots, and vacation destinations within Indonesia. - Jul 2010

It is what you make of it, though single men seem to do well. - Mar 2008

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