Check out the five-star reviews here! Tales from a Small Planet is delighted to present our first book of
 essays edited by our volunteer team and contributed by writers all
 over the world:

A Cup of Culture and a Pinch of Crisis

Tales from a Small Planet: The Food Edition

Edited by Leah Evans, Katie Jagelski, Patricia Linderman, and Nicole Schaefer-McDaniel

A Cup of Culture and a Pinch of Crisis is a collection of essays from expats around the world who share their insights about food, personal growth, and the adventure of living abroad. Delve into new countries, traditions, and cuisines, from Mexico to Mongolia, as you learn how expats find the ingredients for their next meal, learn to love strange new dishes (like camel meat!), and bond with the people they meet over meals both exotic and humble. This book will make you hungry to travel abroad, or at least to settle for a taste of a different culture by trying one of the many included recipes. This is the first book published by Tales from a Small Planet, the web magazine where readers learn “what it’s really like to live there” in countries around the globe.

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Special thanks to our cover designer, Lauren Ketchum of Ketchum Creative and all of our writers who wrote the following essays:

  • Safe Haven on the Spice Route, by Shannon Leavitt
  • Maslenitsa, or How I Found Warmth in a Russian Winter, by Mara Rutherford
  • Eating Japanese, by Laurie Tasharski
  • “Nǐ chīfàn le ma?”: Have You Eaten Yet? by Melinda Frost
  • Cooking with Oma, by Nicole Schaefer-McDaniel
  • A Seder Story, by Annie Pforzheimer
  • A Year in the Land of Plov, by Sarah E. Morrow
  • My Fairy Godmother Was Disguised As A Housekeeper, by Julie Tully
  • The Tbilisi Cooking Club, by Lauren McCaughey
  • Perogy Pinching in Indonesia, by Lisa Webb
  • Buss-Up-Shut and Gay Trinidadians, by Patricia Linderman
  • Peace of Pie, by Katie Mastin
  • One Hump or Two, by Lindsae Negri
  • The Greek Pumpkin, by Lauren Panteleimonitis
  • Manes, Tails & Mansaf: What an Egyptian Stable Hand, a Syrian Groom and a Jordanian Trainer Taught Me about Life and Culture in the Middle East, by Misti Freeland
  • Grape Leaves and Borscht, by Leah Moorefield Evans
  • Pizza Power, by Dina Bernardin
  • Eating My Way Home: A Culinary Quest along a California Street, by Jennifer Richardson
  • Growing Home in Tokyo, by Joan Bailey
  • A River, a Lost Wedding Ring, and a Little Girl with a Butcher’s Knife: Our First Expat Thanksgiving, by Angela H. D’Amato
  • From Djibouti to Mumbai: A Culinary Voyage, by Gretel Backman Patch
  • Packable Pupusas, by Tara Knies-Fraiture
  • Baking the Long Way Home, by Barbara Gravinese
  • Learning from a Laid-Back Country, by Kathi Silva
  • Hungarian Christmas: Self Discipline’s Nemesis, by Laurie Kelleher
  • Arepas, by Jeannine Alter
  • Going Back to Move Forward: An Expat in Durban, South Africa, by Lucille Abendanon
  • When the Menu Reads “Vegan”, by Emma Tasharski
  • Delirious in DF, by Jeremy Holliman
  • McGuyvering Thanksgiving in Astana, by Lynne Madnick
  • Finding the Divine in a Bowl of Rice, by Wendy Jones Nakanishi

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