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Adapting for Special Needs Overseas - Call for Essays

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Oct 19th Astana, Kazakhstan
Oct 19th Ankara, Turkey
Oct 18th Niamey, Niger
Oct 13th Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Oct 5th Bangui, Central African Republic
Oct 3rd Athens, Greece
Oct 2nd Havana, Cuba
Oct 1st Cape Town, South Africa
Sep 30th Harare, Zimbabwe
Sep 28th Colombo, Sri Lanka
Sep 27th Istanbul, Turkey
Sep 27th Frankfurt, Germany
Sep 27th Lome, Togo
Sep 26th Dili, East Timor
Sep 26th Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
Sep 26th Naples, Italy
Sep 21st Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Sep 21st Ankara, Turkey
Sep 12th Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Sep 9th Cairo, Egypt
Sep 5th Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Sep 3rd Freetown, Sierra Leone
Aug 29th Rabat, Morocco
Aug 28th Muscat, Oman
Aug 26th Bratislava, Slovakia
Aug 20th Malabo, Equatorial Guinea
Aug 19th Dumaguete, Phillippines
Aug 19th Tel Aviv, Israel
Aug 7th Chengdu, China
Aug 4th Accra, Ghana
Jul 24th Riga, Latvia
Jul 21st Lilongwe, Malawi
Jul 18th Melbourne, Australia
Jul 6th Harare, Zimbabwe
Jul 5th Harare, Zimbabwe
Jun 27th London, United Kingdom
Jun 25th Montevideo, Uruguay
Jun 22nd Vladivostok, Russia
Jun 22nd Bratislava, Slovakia
Jun 17th Mumbai, India
Jun 16th Tallinn, Estonia
Jun 14th Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Jun 12th Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Jun 12th Paramaribo, Suriname
Jun 8th Ankara, Turkey
Jun 8th Dakar, Senegal
Jun 3rd Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
May 30th Dili, East Timor
May 25th Cairo, Egypt
May 23rd Kiev, Ukraine
May 21st Kuwait City, Kuwait
May 18th Brasilia, Brazil
May 16th Cairo, Egypt
May 15th Panama City, Panama
May 13th Khartoum, Sudan
May 11th Vancouver, Canada
May 8th Brasilia, Brazil
May 7th Doha, Qatar
May 5th Mexico City, Mexico
May 4th Doha, Qatar