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Selected Tales

Friendship in the Foreign Service

by Regina Landor

The longest I had with a good friend in our current posting was nine months. That was long enough to feel comfortable going up to her apartment when I got mad at my husband. It was long enough for her to tell me she was pregnant before she told any other friends. It was long enough to be able to share a private joke in the company of others, just the two of us laughing. 

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by Mary Al-Akhdar


Just before we moved away from the U.S. to be expats for the first time, I stood on my front porch and observed the homes across the expanse of my rolling neighborhood.  Brick fortresses, each with its front door closed tightly.

The years at home raising children, the many moves from one city to another, and all the feelings of isolation that go along with that, I never felt as an expat in Switzerland.

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Living in Japan: Personal Impressions

by Wendy Jones Nakanishi

imageI feel I know Japan and the Japanese well. I am the beneficiary of circumstances that have made that knowledge possible. I have lived here for over thirty years: not in some anonymous city but in a rural area where local families trace back their history for centuries, and customs have remained largely unchanged in the space of living memory. I am married to a Japanese farmer and have three biracial sons, and we inhabit a neighborhood that is like an extended enclave of my husband’s family.

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Real Post Reports

May 26th Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
May 25th Mexico City, Mexico
May 25th Chennai, India
May 22nd Yangon, Myanmar
May 22nd Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
May 21st Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
May 21st Asuncion, Paraguay
May 20th Conakry, Guinea
May 20th Ljubljana, Slovenia
May 20th Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Real School Reports

May 25th Belgrade, Serbia
May 20th Ljubljana, Slovenia
May 19th Rabat, Morocco
May 18th Guangzhou, China
May 17th Mexico City, Mexico
May 9th Suva, Fiji
May 5th Riga, Latvia
May 3rd Kingston, Jamaica
Apr 19th Cotonou, Benin
Apr 16th Accra, Ghana

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