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Selected Tales

Living in Japan: Personal Impressions

by Wendy Jones Nakanishi

imageI feel I know Japan and the Japanese well. I am the beneficiary of circumstances that have made that knowledge possible. I have lived here for over thirty years: not in some anonymous city but in a rural area where local families trace back their history for centuries, and customs have remained largely unchanged in the space of living memory. I am married to a Japanese farmer and have three biracial sons, and we inhabit a neighborhood that is like an extended enclave of my husband’s family.

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Voting With My Feet

by Laura J. Stephens

image“All of us, from the cradle to the grave, are happiest when life is organised as a series of excursions, long or short, from the secure base provided by our attachment figures”.

  • Jeremy Holmes,  John Bowlby and Attachment Theory, p. 67

“Oh my God, you look a right size.” My mother greets me with a look of disdain as she approaches with an imperious air, striding at a lick across the ward. Her words ricochet in my head with the shame of the implication, or perhaps of having such a mother. My neck and face begin to burn red.

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Denk Aan Uw Lichten

by Bernie Brown


Like a bird looking for a perch, Carol scanned the bus for a seat. Some of the faces she recognized from a welcome tea at The American Women’s Club of The Hague, but most of the names jumbled together. For a brief panicked moment, she wished she had stayed home, not just in their apartment here in The Hague, but all the way home back in the States where she could have continued her work on the Dukakis campaign.

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Real Post Reports

Feb 3rd Seoul, South Korea
Feb 1st Frankfurt, Germany
Jan 30th Cairo, Egypt
Jan 29th Cairo, Egypt
Jan 29th Cairo, Egypt
Jan 28th Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Jan 28th Manila, Philippines
Jan 19th Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Jan 12th Windhoek, Namibia
Jan 5th Manila, Philippines

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Real School Reports

Feb 3rd Guadalajara, Mexico
Feb 2nd Belgrade, Serbia
Jan 26th Tel Aviv, Israel
Jan 21st Vientiane, Laos
Jan 17th Mexico City, Mexico
Jan 4th Manila, Philippines
Dec 2nd Amman, Jordan
Nov 11th Seoul, South Korea
Oct 23rd Seoul, South Korea
Oct 21st Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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