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Are other schools available to expatriates in this city? Why did you choose this particular school?

Yes, we chose this school for a number of reasons in no particular order: 1) Lack of homework in Elementary School 2) Proximity to home 3) Availability of after-school activities 4) Provides busing 5) Not religious - May 30, 2017
It has an excellent choice of after-school activities, an it is clos to where we live. - Jan 4, 2016
Most of the mission attends this school. We got a late assignment (May) ISM admissions requires an extreme amount of information--it's like applying for college. Being a private school, they are not required to accept kids and can change their minds at any time during the application process. In our situation the admissions director strung us along, needing one more thing and then one more thing. We arrived in August, my boys were in the middle of their assessment tests, one had finished, and she comes up to me and says "We don't have the resources for your kids, we're full." None of my boys have been diagnosed with any disabilities. ISM also has a strict age/grade policy. They wanted to hold back my third grader a year because he didn't fit into their stringent age bracket. At least Brent (school) didn't string me along...they told me up front that they were full and we could apply for the following year. I ended up homeschooling for a year. I am not the only one who has had difficulties with ISM admissions. I've heard many stories from other parents at Brent where my kids are now. I will write a separate report for Brent. - Nov 13, 2014
I was looking for an alternative to ISM, and I was impressed with the class schedule and the reputation of other schools within the British Schools Foundation. - Mar 4, 2014