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What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

"Cool season" means temperatures 60s-90s (November - January). "Harmattan" dust storms between November and March. "Hot season" means REALLY hot, up to 110 often (or higher), between February and May. Rainy season brings relief between May to September. - Dec 13, 2017
There are two seasons: summer in Miami, and summer in Phoenix. The wet season can bring significant tropical rainstorms and epic thunder, which we've rather enjoyed. The dry season is in fact bone-dry, with peak temperatures during April/May as high as 115F on a daily basis. On a bright note, temperatures that high will naturally heat your pool like you wouldn't believe. - May 21, 2016
Hot all year, but there are seasonal changes. It rains heavily in the summer (June-September) and is humid and hot when not raining. Fall brings clear skies and gets hot again. By December it feels almost cool and our pools are too cold for swimming, though temps only drop into the 60's F with highs in the 80's F. The dust really picks up after it hasn't rained for a few months. February-May are clear, dry and very hot. - Aug 8, 2015
Wet season from June - September. Cool dry season from October - February. Hot (hot!) dry season from March - May. Lows rarely below 70F. Highs reach 110F in the hot season. - Jun 9, 2015
I read one report that descibed a season as "chilly-night season". That's completely true. It's dry and hot. dry, windy and VERY HOT. Rainy and hot. Then it finishes up the cycle with a dry, warm, chilly-night season. We've lived in Africa for 8 years, so the 80F degree weather has me bringing out my jeans. Next month it will be near 100F again and I'll store them away again. Thanksfully we have a pool! (Which, surprisingly, is too cold during the chilly-night season!) - Jan 16, 2015
There is a rainy season from about May-October which is variable year to year. The dry season usually starts with cool, beautiful days and nights lasting until January. Then the heat really starts to mount and it will be over 100 degrees F everyday until the rains come again. This latter season is also when the dust comes from the desert (harmattan winds) bringing dust storms that decrease air quality. - Jul 30, 2013
Hot and dusty, hot and rainy, and a short period where it cools down to the 60's at night. The locals really bundle up for it. - Jul 8, 2013
The country is HOT during the day, and it has a dust storm season, a rainy season, and a chilly-at-night season. - Apr 19, 2013
It rains a lot from May through September, and then the rest of the year is pretty dry. It rains so hard in the summer that a room of our house flooded and had 3-4 inches of standing water. This is not uncommon. March/April are searingly hot. - Nov 18, 2012
It's generally very hot and dry here. - Aug 6, 2010
Dry season (around fall and winter and maybe spring) and rainy season (around summer and maybe spring). - Aug 3, 2008
Very dry most of the year and hot all year round. Rainy season is June-Sept and it rains once every couple of days. - Jul 25, 2008
Hot and dry all the time except the rainy season (June-September), which brings some relief, but not much. - Jun 18, 2008