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Sao Paulo

Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

Use an old phone when you are out and about due to frequent robberies. You will need to contract with a local carrier in Brazil (no home country plans seem to work there). Unless you open a Brazil bank account you will need to pay your mobile bills in person at the store or partner bank locations. - Nov 1, 2017
Use a local provider. 4G is reliable and affordable. If you get a Brazilian bank account you can pay your bills online. Otherwise you have to pay at the bank at the Consulate. - Apr 17, 2017
Like internet, quite difficult.You need a CPF. - Jan 15, 2017
Lots of mobile phone carriers are available with in-country and international options.

WhatsApp is popular in Brazil... It is used to make local and international calls on the internet. I highly recommend it! - Jan 6, 2017

Get an unlocked phone, and get a plan here. Most people choose Vivo or Net. - Aug 5, 2015
Bring an unlocked phone and get a SIM card here. Plans are cheap, phones are expensive (triple the price in the States). - Aug 2, 2013
I brought my quad-band unlocked phone from the US and used a local microchip. You can get a cell phone or SIM card through the consulate with a really cheap plan, but sometimes that can take a while (it took a month for me). So, you can always get a pay-as-you-go SIM if you prefer. You have to have a CPF number (like a social security number) in order to sign up for a prepaid or postpaid plan. I used my CPF to get a chip for my sister (under my name) when she visited. Smart phones are available, but much more expensive compared to US prices. Many Americans from the Consulate have a Blackberry or iPhone and use that here. I have heard you can get them unlocked here for $50 USD. - Dec 13, 2012
There are many providers. - Jan 25, 2012
Easy to figure out--can bring a universal type phone from US and buy the chip here - Jan 17, 2012
Service is good, but expensive. Best to bring an unlocked phone, and use it as a pay-as-you-go phone. Chips can be purchased here for about $10. - Jan 3, 2012
TIM seems to have the best coverage but Claro is cheaper. A word of warning--landlines here treat calls to cell phones like long-distance, so you might call your friend across the street at a local cell phone number and spend almost 50 cents a minute, where a call to the U.S. from your cell phone might just be 20 cents. It's ridiculous but true. - Oct 26, 2008
You can bring your American cell and they'll unlock it for you. - Aug 14, 2008