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What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

US embassy staff are prohibited from walking, using local transportation, or visiting any local commercial establishments, except for the American School, the American Club and few other diplomatic clubs. The expat community is fairly small, even smaller for most embassy staff since they will have few opportunities to meet or interact with expatriates from other countries. - Apr 11, 2017
Lots of entertaining at home and in the expat clubs. - Jun 17, 2016
Entertaining at home, going to restaurants. There is not a wide variety of things to do, but there is something happening every weekend, usually parties and get-togethers. - May 18, 2016
Dinner with friends - Jun 20, 2015
Going to embassy clubs. At home parties, Heritage Hour. At some point you should go to a Bangladeshi wedding. - Sep 29, 2014
Get together with friends at their house or, if you can deal with the traffic, meet them at a restaurant. It could easily take you an hour to drive 6 blocks. - Aug 3, 2014
Expat clubs. No one else has alcohol - Bangladesh is "Super Muslim" (as the t-shirt we all love says). Some of the bigger hotels host parties. Dinner parties. Board Games. - Jul 28, 2014
Lots of dinners/brunches/movie nights at people's homes. Expat clubs, parties, CLO trips... the usual fare. - Aug 9, 2013
Much of it is socializing in private homes. - Apr 11, 2013
Mostly at home or others' homes. Some with the school or embassy. You have to make your own fun here. A lot of activities are listed in the weekly embassy newsletter. - Aug 14, 2011
A few clubs at the large hotels, but as with everything else, has a Bangladesh spin to it. - Jun 25, 2011
Nothing on the local economy. People throw elaborate house parties, expat communities throw lavish balls, and people drown their sorrows at expat clubs. - Feb 8, 2011
Not much. It seems to revolve around the American Club and visiting other expats. - Jan 29, 2011
There is much entertaining in the homes of expats. - Jan 7, 2011
I never felt comfortable having anyone over to my cave of an apartment, but some people consistently entertained throughout their tours. Entertaining can be a great way to make friends and yet another good reason to have a house or apartment suitable for that. There are the clubs, where people go for happy hour and similar merrymaking, but that scene gets old fast. - Oct 25, 2010
It is difficult for singles. Families mostly go to the American club or local restaurants. - Apr 27, 2010
People tend to get together at restaurants or in homes. The only bars are in private clubs (such as diplomatic/expat clubs) or hotels. Groups throw large parties in hotel ballrooms frequently. - Oct 30, 2009
Mostly in homes, restaurants or at the Club. - Aug 6, 2009
Entertaining at home is the main form of entertainment. The international clubs host big parties often. There is a long and active ball season that starts in October. - Mar 13, 2009
International clubs, weddings. Hook up with the DAWC for the expat events: Dances, Yard Sales, Bazaars, caroling at the ambassador's house, etc. - Nov 20, 2008
Very busy. There isn't much else to do. - Oct 27, 2008
Good. - Mar 2, 2008
There's a lot going on. There are many parties and game nights, fancy balls, dining out, bowling....most things you find in any city (other than bars) although the quality or quantity won't measure up to other places. - Feb 24, 2008