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Selected Tales

Raising Bilingual Children

by Nicole Schaefer-McDaniel

“Of course my children are going to grow up speaking German!” I don’t remember how often I spoke words to that effect to friends and family I left behind in Germany when I moved to the U.S. for college. That move marked the second time I had left my home country, as I had already spent my middle school years in America, and uttering these words seemed to reassure those left behind that my native language would remain a part of me – at least theoretically.

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The Lacquer Boxes of Fedoskino

By Hayley Alexander

Most visitors to Russia - and even those who have never been there - are familiar with at least two traditional Russian handcrafted items. The first and most widely recognized are the stacking wooden matrushka dolls. The second are the lacquered papier-mâché boxes.


[”The Morning of the Streltsy Execution,” lacquer plaque detail with mother of pearl. Original oil by Vasily Surikov, Tretyakov Gallery Moscow]

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Friendship in the Foreign Service

by Regina Landor

The longest I had with a good friend in our current posting was nine months. That was long enough to feel comfortable going up to her apartment when I got mad at my husband. It was long enough for her to tell me she was pregnant before she told any other friends. It was long enough to be able to share a private joke in the company of others, just the two of us laughing. 

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Real Post Reports

Jul 28th Munich, Germany
Jul 28th Dublin, Ireland
Jul 25th Tel Aviv, Israel
Jul 24th Kiev, Ukraine
Jul 22nd Nairobi, Kenya
Jul 19th Lima, Peru
Jul 14th San Salvador, El Salvador
Jul 11th Bridgetown, Barbados
Jul 11th Beirut, Lebanon
Jul 9th Copenhagen, Denmark

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Real School Reports

Jun 27th Brussels, Belgium
Jun 23rd Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Jun 16th Kingston, Jamaica
Jun 13th The Hague, The Netherlands
Jun 7th Port Of Spain, Trinidad And Tobago
May 30th Online School,
May 29th Seoul, South Korea
May 28th Kathmandu, Nepal
May 25th Belgrade, Serbia
May 20th Ljubljana, Slovenia

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