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Selected Tales

The Accidental American

By Catherine Tondelli

image The year was 2001, and I had come to London one year earlier for two reasons. One was because I was offered a dream job working as the business development director for a global architectural firm designing five-star hotels in some of the most spectacular locations in the world — Tahiti, Seychelles, Dubai, Fiji, and the Maldives.

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The £400 Fruitcake and Other Lessons on Fitting In

By Jennifer Richardson


Looking back, I pinpoint the end of my love affair with London to this moment: I was paying for a pint of milk at our dingy local convenience store—optimistically referred to as the corner shop—when, in midflow of taking my money, the shopkeeper vigorously spat on the floor.

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By Regina Landor


Mounds of red peppers are suddenly on display everywhere we go in our neighborhood in Belgrade:  in the market, on the side of the road, and in the trunks of people’s cars.  Sweet red peppers abound in this region, and it is a tradition – a very, very longstanding one – to roast the peppers in the fall and make ajvar, a sweet red pepper relish.  Lots and lots of ajvar is made.  People make jars of it to store for the winter months, in order to have some all year.  As we drive through the winding roads of Koshutniak Park behind our home, we even see people roasting the peppers over an open grill, a large pile of peppers next to them.

I am invited to an ajvar- making day at the home of my new friend, Indira, a Bosnian woman who is married to an American diplomat. 

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Real Post Reports

Apr 13th San Jose, Costa Rica
Apr 11th Khartoum, Sudan
Apr 9th The Hague, The Netherlands
Apr 8th Beirut, Lebanon
Apr 7th Yangon, Myanmar
Apr 7th Maputo, Mozambique
Apr 6th Lima, Peru
Apr 5th Georgetown, Guyana
Apr 4th Ankara, Turkey
Apr 2nd Cairo, Egypt

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Real School Reports

Apr 11th Berlin, Germany
Apr 6th Muscat, Oman
Apr 4th Reykjavik, Iceland
Apr 1st Pristina, Kosovo
Mar 31st Reykjavik, Iceland
Mar 31st Pristina, Kosovo
Mar 30th Sao Paulo, Brazil
Mar 24th Pristina, Kosovo
Mar 4th Manila, Philippines
Feb 28th Mumbai, India

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