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Selected Tales

In Full Bloom

by Victoria Hess


This story is about tampons.

You still there?

Really, it is about tampons and toilet paper, and me being a “virgin expat” moving to my first foreign country. My husband’s employer thought little enough of the local economy that it paid for us to ship a massive amount of consumables, so we wouldn’t run out of things that we needed during our two-year tour.  I was 30 and newly wed, and I was supposed to figure out how much toilet paper, tampons, soap, sugar, oil, cereal, and other critical items we would use while we lived in a war-ravaged country at the ends of the Earth.

Iraq. 1988. Between the wars.

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Can and Can’t in Casablanca

by Nicolas Ridley

imageMid-evening in a neighbourhood bistro in the sixième. Elizabeth has been listening to me politely but she is puzzled. Although — en principe — she is a firm anglophile, changing her name from ‘Elisabeth’ to ‘Elizabeth’ at an early age, she sometimes finds the English themselves a little odd. The purpose of my present journey, for example, mystifies her completely.

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From Academia to Adventure

by Nicole Schaefer-McDaniel

image I am sitting on a plane, all alone for the first time in what seems like ages,enjoying the luxuries of a glass of wine and my music on my iPod. I am not searching in-between seats for lost Playmobil horses or digging through my bag in search for the “right” colored pencil.

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Real Post Reports

Sep 4th Shenzhen, China
Sep 1st Belgrade, Serbia
Aug 31st Ottawa, Canada
Aug 30th Quito, Ecuador
Aug 30th Vilnius, Lithuania
Aug 28th Islamabad, Pakistan
Aug 28th Abidjan, Cote D'ivoire
Aug 25th Jerusalem, Israel
Aug 21st Abuja, Nigeria
Aug 21st Bogota, Colombia

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Real School Reports

Aug 19th Amman, Jordan
Aug 18th Dhaka, Bangladesh
Aug 17th The Hague, The Netherlands
Aug 17th Maputo, Mozambique
Aug 17th Jakarta, Indonesia
Aug 16th Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Aug 16th La Paz, Bolivia
Aug 16th Tokyo, Japan
Aug 15th Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Aug 12th Dushanbe, Tajikistan

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