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Selected Tales

Mastering French

by Elizabeth Boquet

I’m thinking of giving up. It would be a kindness to myself; I’ve been trying to master French for 40 years now. But how do you give up a foreign language when you live in one of its foreign lands, like Lausanne, Switzerland? And your family, friends and neighbors speak that way to you ̶ not to mention your dentist, plumber, mechanic, mailman, kids’ teachers …? Maybe I could go on strike for a day: just stay home and Skype English-speaking friends, read untranslatable poetry, binge-watch American series and take a stand with those telemarketers. I’m sorry? What’s that? I. Cannot. Un-der-stand. Yooo-uuu!

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Meeting 48

by Mat Ward

imageWhen alcoholic Mat Ward was told in rehab that he would die if he relapsed, he decided to try to see the world before he died, calling at AA meetings along the way to stop him relapsing. On the 21-country journey that followed, he met Maori headhunters, Aboriginal criminals, Indonesian heroin users, Thai sex addicts, Tamil born-again Christians, New York crack smokers, Himalayan 12-step fanatics and a Galapagos priest who tried to exorcise his drinking demons. Along the way, what he learnt about AA made him question exactly what was killing alcoholics. Here, we join him halfway through the journey – meeting 48, in Tamil Nadu, India. All names have been changed.

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Expectations and Reality: A Kiwi House-Dad in Bavaria

by Matt Colville 

imageIn my twenties, I travelled some. A couple of summer stints working on Hamilton Island in Australia. Two surf trips to Indonesia.  A month in the USA. Two extended trips chasing girls around the European Union.

But I’ve always wanted to live in Europe. And despite the joy of my partner getting pregnant three years ago, it triggered a small nervous breakdown, as I thought my dream was fading.

So, after months of searching, my wife − who has taught in Europe before − gained a job in a small international school, in a tiny village in southern Germany. We swapped roles, and now I’m at home with our son. And by and large, it is great. But there have been many challenges along the way.

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Real Post Reports

Feb 18th Berlin, Germany
Feb 12th Pago Pago, American Samoa
Feb 11th Athens, Greece
Feb 8th Muscat, Oman
Feb 7th Khartoum, Sudan
Feb 6th Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Jan 25th San Salvador, El Salvador
Jan 24th Pretoria, South Africa
Jan 18th Brussels, Belgium
Jan 15th Paris, France

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Real School Reports

Feb 22nd Hanoi, Vietnam
Feb 8th Amman, Jordan
Jan 15th Sao Paulo, Brazil
Jan 7th Dakar, Senegal
Dec 28th Skopje, Macedonia
Nov 18th Hyderabad, India
Nov 9th Rabat, Morocco
Nov 2nd Rabat, Morocco
Oct 26th Muscat, Oman
Oct 11th Vientiane, Laos

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