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Availability and variety of after-school activities for various ages:

"A+" There is an overwhelming number of after-school activities, anything from orchestra, drama, chess, to soccer, gymnastics, even circus arts. For bilingual children, they offer several Mother Tongue classes. My kids sometimes had difficulty deciding what to choose, because, of course, they would like to do it all at once. But you can only choose two activities per semester. ISM has swimming, gymnastics, soccer (and there could be something else) with teams that compete regularly. And there was a month-long sport session in summer (for additional cost), which the kids really enjoyed. - Jan 4, 2016
A: The school currently only runs through grade 7. The grades offered will increase each year of operation. Right now, everyone seems content with the activities offered. - Mar 4, 2014
A+. The after-school activity program at ISM is amazing for all ages. There's a wide range of activities: languages, sports, art, music, drama, etc. Most activities/sports for the ES are free, unless there's a supplies cost (e.g. art). The buses leave after the ES activities and the Middle/High School activities and do not require an extra fee. - Aug 6, 2013