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What fine arts electives are available (music, drama, visual arts)?

There is music and art pre-k through 5. There is drama, music, and visual arts 6th-10th grades. In the IB program here only visual art is currently offered. - Nov 9, 2017
In the upper grades the only IB option is art. - Nov 2, 2017
Students can take music and art in elementary school. In secondary they can take music, drama, or visual art until they finish 10th grade. After 10th grade, only visual art is available to students, because it can be part of the IB program. There is also a jazz band club created by students after school, and the music teacher teaches a glee club. - Oct 18, 2016
B-. In middle school, the kids have one trimester of each of the arts each year. - May 19, 2016