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What extra-curricular activities (including sports) are available at this school? Have your children participated in these activities? What activities do you feel are missing at the school?

Middle school choir, High School Model United Nations, Robotics, Community Service clubs. Middle School and high school Volleyball, swimming, track, basketball, soccer and badminton. Elementary after school sports, robotics, dance, and service clubs. There is a middle school choir, but there are not really after school music activities for other ages, so many people take their kids for private lessons elsewhere. My kids have loved the sports because the school is pretty small they can be on many different teams. My 10th grade daughter and 8th grade son have done soccer, volleyball, swimming, track and basketball. My children take private piano (not through the school). - Nov 9, 2017
There are limited sports opportunities, soccer, basketball and volleyball for varsity. All sports are teams only, no intramural opportunities. - Nov 2, 2017
Lots of good sports for secondary. Volleyball, basketball, track, seasonal swimming, badminton, and soccer are all available. For elementary students there is a community sponsored Saturday Soccer at the school, and after-school activities like soccer, basketball, Young Citizen's Club, and robotics. There isn't a lot of music or dance but students can take lessons privately outside campus. - Oct 18, 2016
Not for middle school. There is a push to widen this though. Student Government is somewhat active and sponsors dances every few months. There is participation in a club that raises money and awareness for abandoned animals. - May 19, 2016