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Would you choose this school again? Why?

Yes, definitely for my son. However, I would stay far away from the administration and stick to dealing one-on-one with teachers and the counselors who, by large, are a good group. Don't think for a second that the consulate bureaucracy will support you with issues at this school. They won't (and, let's be honest, they have no real interest). Though this was the best school for my son, be sure to look into all the school choices in Guadalajara as there are several and every school has different strengths and weaknesses. My daughter went to the Lincoln School and had the best school experience of her life to date. Check out Lincoln, ASFG, Canadian (lots of happy parents), Thomas Jefferson (on par with ASFG and with a super welcoming administration). There is even Instituto Tepayac and George Washington for further choice. Good luck. Guadalajara is a great posting and if you go in with open eyes about schooling and it's challenges, I believe you can have a good experience there! - Feb 5, 2016
Yes, definitely for my daughter, but not for my son. Each child is different and needs something different. If you're looking for an environment where there are small class sizes, lots of attention and nurturing, and an American curriculum, then this might be a great place for you. And obviously, if you're looking for religious education, then this school serves that need. But, other kids (like my son) thrive in a more institutional/larger environment with more technology and the possibility for enriched subjects like math (The American School has a stronger math program but also check out Thomas Jefferson School which is on par with the American School, but has a much better administration and is much eager to work with parents and has gifted and talented). The Lincoln School is a winner. Parents get obsessed with wanting the "best" education, thinking it's purely measured by how accelerated a program is (hence even Talesmag has so many G&T questions), but educating the kids involves so much more and I see even more clearly what a good education my daughter had here, now that we've moved to the next post. It encouraged in her a love of learning and responsibility to do her best and grow her head and heart. - Feb 3, 2016
Yes, this has been a good city to homeschool in and I don't regret our decision. - May 29, 2014
If they reverse course and improve the enviroment for expat children, absolutely. Otherwise, no. - May 15, 2014
Yes, for all of the reasons listed above. I hope that the Canadian School becomes a good alternative to ASFG as it continues to add new grades. - May 13, 2014
Yes. My son took a summer class in claymation with a man who worked at Sesame Street. My daughter went to a MUN conference as a middle schooler, and led a DVC with a school in Jordan. She met one of the former Mexican presidents and got to ask him a question. They have had a lot of good experiences. They have had some problems as well, some serious, but whenever we worked with the school, our problems were resolved. Overall we are pleased with how it has gone. - May 8, 2014
Never and I recommend to everyone I speak with to do their research carefully. - Apr 26, 2014