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Greatest challenge?

In my experience, the administration was defensive and not open to honest discussion about improvement. They so badly want to be seen as the best school in town that they are afraid of admitting their weakness. They want to believe themselves so sophisticated and international in nature, but they aren't. They're a local, Mexican school with an American curriculum and lots of American teachers. They do a good job and the majority of people are good there. I believe the principal/head is in over his head and unable to handle the concerns of expat Americans. - Feb 5, 2016
In Guadalajara, the majority of children at bilingual schools are second language learners (of English). As such, I feel that the entire English language arts program suffers at all the schools. That being said, it also depends on your child. My daughter blossomed in her writing abilities because she is already self-motivated. But, my son (like so many boys) was allowed to do mediocre work but still get high grades for it because, compared to other students, he still wrote better than native Spanish speakers writing in English. - Feb 3, 2016
It would be nice if there were other homeschooled high schoolers. - May 29, 2014
Making the school a friendly and welcoming environment for all children, not just their "legacy students." Doing away with the second level of first grade which does not work for expat families coming from traditional schools with grades 1-12. - May 15, 2014
We have been completely satisfied in every way. - May 13, 2014
Communication for parents who don't speak fluent Spanish, social interactions and mostly, the admissions office. My advice is that if possible, to get involved with the Parent Association. These are the (mostly) women who get things done, and they are very nice. That's the biggest change I would make if I was doing it over again, knowing what I know now. All of the sudden I feel much more connected. - May 8, 2014
All of the above. - Apr 26, 2014