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Are there are any problems with exclusionary behavior, cliques, or bullying at this school? Please describe any problems your children may have experienced in this area.

Yes and no. Difficult to answer this question. I think the school is aware of these issues and has developed a policy on it. A parent must stay vigilant. I found that exclusion is more common that true bullying or teasing. Also, it's difficult to access this since some of these difficulties are part of middle school years where children are testing boundaries and such. It also depends on your child and his/her personality. My child experienced a few periods during the year when a few other kids kind of ganged up on him and caused some trouble, but my child stood up for himself and things calmed down. I know of other students who had harder times and still other students who just had only positive experiences. - Feb 5, 2016
No that I saw at the younger grade levels. I heard there were a few problems at the 6th grade level. - Feb 3, 2016
Our children haven't felt excluded here because they homeschool. - May 29, 2014
Yes, expat children are excluded from birthday invitations and pretty much any social interaction unless it's with other expats. There are, of course, some exceptions to this. Unfortunately, some grades do not have many expats so this does not help. My son was in a grade with a total of 3 expats. - May 15, 2014
No. - May 13, 2014
From what I have learned, many students, expat and otherwise, feel excluded and bullied. Part of this is middle school behavior and part of it is the "como la pina" attitude in Guadalajara, which sometimes feels like a very small town. But having been a teacher, I think that there is bullying and exclusion everywhere. My son was bullied a lot his first year but once he went to the administration and told them what was going on, it STOPPED. The second year it started with a different group of kids but almost immediately he reported it and it stopped. He has strong positive feelings about the school, which I think says a lot. - May 8, 2014
Yes, so much so that even teachers at the school have home-schooled their children. - Apr 26, 2014