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Describe the general climate of the grade level that you teach or your child attends:

This is such a mixed bag, but overall, the climate is positive. The children are from highly privileged backgrounds and their mothers are often highly involved in their children's lives, even bringing them lunch daily. The teachers are mostly Americans and the majority of them are pretty good. I appreciated that there is a band at this school (and the band teacher is one of the best teachers there). Generally, the school is welcoming and my son had a very very good experience, despite middle school ALWAYS containing challenges. This was the right school for him and he misses it. - Feb 5, 2016
Very warm, loving, attentive environment where each child is valued and where teachers are very motivated. - Feb 3, 2016
We've chosen to use a combination of online classes, textbooks, and private tutors here in Guadalajara and it has worked well. - May 29, 2014
Not a climate conducive to learning, especially in the high school. The school consists of approximately 90% local children the school calls their "legacy kids." The kids are not necessarily bad and I did not see any physical bullying. It's actually more harmful in a sense since the "legacy" children did not seem to have any interest or time for the expat children. The school had no program to assist assimilating the expat kids into this environment and just seemed to accept that their interests lied in taking care of the long-term children. I would say the environment amounted to bullyig by exclusion for many children. If your children are great athletes or find some other niche, they might have a better experience. My kids have attended several schools in South and Central America and we have never seen such a poor environment for children. Don't take your information from Post or the school but rather reach out to other parents at the school. Hopefully, they will address this issue which is quite significant. - May 15, 2014
My child has been very happy at the Canadian School. He is learning, the children are kind, his teachers are excellent, and we have been completely satisfied with the general climate at the school. Unfortunately the school is only for younger elementary children right now. They are planning on adding 3rd grade in 2014/15 and 4th in 2015/16 (and so on). - May 13, 2014
It's a Mexican school with a U.S. curriculum. Having said that, my children are happy there. This is not their first overseas school, and they did have some adjustments to make, as with any new school, but some of the issues were unique. Let me say I can only speak to the middle school -- I cannot speak to high school, elementary or preschool. - May 8, 2014
95% wealthy heritage families and a very small expat community. Children are segregated for the majority of the day and non-native speakers have a hard time assimilating. - Apr 26, 2014