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Does your child receive any special-needs assistance or instruction at this school? If yes, what types? Who provides services and where:

No, and this school has a very difficult time meeting special needs. The school, despite being the best resourced in the city, will claim it can't accept students with mild needs as they're afraid of not being able to meet their needs. However, if this school with the so-called most highly trained teachers can't deal with mild special needs cases, then who could? It's an ongoing issue between the consulate and the school. Again, I say this so that parents go in prepared. You can have a positive school experience in Guadalajara, but you must understand the climate/culture you're entering and its constraints. For special needs children, check out Thomas Jefferson and the Lincoln School. In my experience, special needs children's parents are challenged to find adequate schooling at nearly every post abroad. I don't think this is particularly worse (unless you need speech therapy which is non-existent) nor better. However, if you're an involved parent and have time to work with a school, Thomas Jefferson might be a great choice or even Lincoln (if you're religious and depending on the kind of help needed.) - Feb 5, 2016
No - Feb 3, 2016
No, except for math tutoring after school. - May 8, 2014
Yes- we hired a teacher to tutor our child when he was misplaced and had to catch up on a year of math. - Apr 26, 2014