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Teacher-student communication:

B (No real comment here except that my child felt respected by nearly all of his teachers.) - Feb 5, 2016
B - Feb 3, 2016
C - May 15, 2014
Excellent. - May 13, 2014
B again, like everywhere, it depends on the teacher (and the receptiveness of the kid). I have had to work with some teachers, for example when my son was having trouble getting his work from home to the classroom. It was done but he wasn't turning it in. We had a meeting with all his teachers, and at one point he just shut down, even though his teachers were actively involved in brainstorming solutions. I have also had to work hard with a few teachers who were very rigid but I think that is an individual issue, not a school issue. Generally, the teachers are available and interested in engaging with the students. - May 8, 2014
D- teacher quality was questionable. Some teachers were less than professional and had negative interactions with students. There were a few amazing teachers that really stood out among the rest. - Apr 26, 2014