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Administration-parent communication:

C (This gets mixed reviews, depending on the administrator you are dealing with. I would give an A to the counseling staff and the lower school Principal as those people were open and I found helpful. The middle school counselor was very good and followed through and works hard. Those counselors are the best people to go to rather than the general administration for anything related to the education of your child or their social welfare. The central administration and current head of the school is completely defensive and seems to be in over his head. The admissions person is totally a mixed bag with some people having good experiences with this office and others having very poor experiences. If you are looking at this school and want to get a sense of your child's grade level, be sure to look up who the counselor is of that grade and email them directly/call them and have an informal discussion. They'll want you to go through admissions, but the admissions cannot answer content-based questions.) - Feb 5, 2016
B (As with all schools I've experienced 6 of them”communication is ALWAYS a challenge in one way or another. But, they are AWESOME when it comes to going in and talking with them about any issue you might have. They are SUPER open and want to hear your needs and do their very best to respond to them. This sets this school apart from others I've experienced.) - Feb 3, 2016
Good at the lower school - A. She was always available. The high school principal was not - F. - May 15, 2014
The administration emails frequently and always has an option for me to read the information in English. - May 13, 2014
A- My son told me that he was getting harassed at school so he was going to email the vice-principal and counselor and he would copy me on the email. That evening I had two emails in my inbox with possible solutions already in place, and I had a phone call the next morning. The middle school administrators have been outstanding in terms of communication both regarding bad things (bullying, my son acting out) and good things. Whenever I showed up in their office, either electronically or in person, they were there. I did not always agree with their opinions but they listen well and I generally liked the outcomes. More importantly, both my kids like the administrators and feel that they are fair and helpful. - May 8, 2014
C- again, most information came late. - Apr 26, 2014