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Maintenance of appropriately high standards for all students:

B- (This depends on the subject and the teacher. I find that the math program is appropriate. However, I found that English Language Arts, on the whole, was a step below because the student population is that of second language learners. This is true in all the Guadalajaran schools. Depending on the teacher, though, this standard can be higher or lower. In fifth grade, I would have given the language arts teacher a C.) - Feb 5, 2016
? Hard to rate this. They do follow an American curriculum and kids are kept on grade level standard (Having moved on from the school, I see that my kids were not behind though I feared they might be behind in Math. They were up to speed in all subjects). - Feb 3, 2016
F - May 15, 2014
B+/A- I have been happy with what I see happening for my kids. My daughter is reading Animal Farm in 8th grade and has IVCs with a school in Jordan for Model UN in middle school. I believe most schools do not offer MUN at this level, and read Animal Farm in high school. My son has had teachers who have encouraged him to go beyond the boundaries of assignments to tackle issues he found curious. - May 8, 2014
F- the focus is on the Mexican curriculum. The entire grade-level set up as well as the daily schedule is set up to support this All non-native speakers are segregated to a Spanish class for non-native speakers wherein they spend years "practicing" but never becoming fluent. An inclusion program would resolve this but the school won't consider it because there is fear that it would slow down the Mexican curriculum. - Apr 26, 2014