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How is the overall communication between teachers and parents, and the administration and parents? How is communication facilitated?

Communication is poor. Emails to some teachers go unanswered. Emails to the school head are ignored or sometimes answered with odd answers - when the French teacher was suddenly gone, with no communication, we wrote to the head to ask what had happened. His response "Why do you want to know that?" Our kids were in the French class....

A few teacher set up blogs during our time there, but they were abandoned pretty quickly. A few teachers sent out an occasional newsletter. - Dec 28, 2017

A. The school has an active presence in the World Wide Web. It updates its website with the latest information (Calendar) and events (News Section). It has active FB, Twitter and Youtube pages, updated daily/weekly with new content. The school utilizes an online learning system (Edline) when communicating student progress, attendance and grades to parents, and uses the same system to send e-mail notifications to parents. Report cards and other information get mailed/delivered to parents in hardcopy at the end of each quarter. Parents are invited to quarterly Parent-Teacher meetings and I have continuous communication with my child's teacher. We’re also notified by phone if a situation requires our immediate attention. - Sep 20, 2013
A - I have found communication with the teachers to be very good.I could e-mail or send a note in, and receive a response the same day.If teachers were not in class if I dropped into the school for something, they were always willing and happy to discuss any issue I had, or were able to schedule a time for me to come in and talk. - Aug 3, 2011