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How would you rate the school's support and welcome/integration of new students and their families, and why?

Excellent. ASB has a fantastic admissions team, a line-up of volunteer "Parent Ambassadors" from every grade, and an excellent PTA. ASB has orientation for students and parents; it is a very welcoming community. - May 11, 2017
I believe once you arrive, they are good at welcoming new students and families however the admission process was quite the headache because we had a special needs child and they were very strict on the start date of school and inflexible. The government is very unpredictable and this school made us jump through many hoops and made our PCS very stressful when it shouldn't have been. - Dec 9, 2014
A: The school works to transition new families to the school prior to their arrival throught its ambassador program. Incoming families are linked with current families who become a point of contact for questions about the school itself as well as for living in Mumbai. The school is a friendly and welcoming environment where new students are quickly integrated. The average stay at the school is under 3 years. Because of the fluidity of the community, all are aware of the necessity to support newcomers. - Feb 28, 2014
A - May 29, 2011